Dalam perkembangan dunia usaha yang semakin pesat serta persaingan yang semakin ketat ditambah lagi kondisi ekonomi yang tidak menentu tidak bisa dipungkiri bahwa manajemen keuangan sangatlah dinomor satukan, karena manajemen keuangan merupakan modal dasar untuk bagaimana bisa menjalakan suatu usaha dengan sukses. Kami dari SIEN Consultant Perusahaan Jasa Konsultan Manajemen Bisnis Strategi Bisa membantu bapak/ibu dalam membuat :

– Sistem Budgeting – Budgeting & Cost Control – Manajemen Keuangan – Manajemen Hutang – Piutang – Activity Based Costing – Capital Budgeting – Analisa & Evaluasi Bisnis – Business Process Reengineering – Consorcium Project Manajemen – Corporate Valuation – Manajemen Arus Kas – Peyusunan Anggaran – Financial Statement Analysis – Fundamental of Cost Accounting – Integrated Internal Audit – Pembuatan Laporan Keuangan – Operational Audit Manajemen – Project Manajemen – Financial Aspect – Standard Akutansi Keuangan – Strategi Cost Reduction – Teknik & Analisa Keuangan

Apabila bapak ibu membutuhkan jasa Konsultan untuk Finance, Accounting & Audit Keuangan bisa hubungi kami di: Bp. YOYO SUBAGYO / Hp. 08159767636 SIEN Consultants Jl. Radiul No. 6, Tomang – Jakarta Telp. 021- 70619908, 5682655

Credit Card Traps Keep You In Debt Forever

Are you like the average American carrying around $10,000 in credit card debt? Did you know that by making just your minimum monthly payments it will take you 40 years to pay that amount off? If your total debt is more than the average, it could take 50 or even 60 years to pay off! Credit Companies know how to trap you and keep you in debt forever!

Every time you swipe one of your credit cards someone else is getting rich! Credit companies made $70 Billion Dollars last year on the interest charged to card holders. That’s right, BILLION not million! It’s outrageous! They know that they will continue to make billions even with the economy failing because we use one card to pay the minimum on another card and the cycle continues.

The government has finally stepped in and has begun to put limits on the interest credit companies charge. Unfortunately those limits aren’t changing your current debt!

Finding A Retail Banking Job

Do you not want to just sell things? Well how about a different kind of retail job?

When most people think of a retail job, they think of traditional types of work such as shop keeping, floor sales, and register clerking. But the word ”retail” applies to any kind of service or work that involves providing services or products to the everyday consumer, so when considering a retail job search, broadening your perspective a bit can pay big dividends bank dividends, as a matter of fact.

Retail Banking: A Different Kind of Retail Job

SBI to bring in green-channel banking

The State Bank of India is set to introduce green-channel banking to promote paperless work and reduce footfall of customers in the already over-burdened ATMs and branches. p>

SBI general manager for network-I D Mozumdar said here on Saturday that apart from regular counters, a new counter was being opened in which customers could swipe their ATM cards and enter the pin code to receive cash from the person manning the counter. “In this way, there will be no requirement for paperwork and the process of money withdrawal will be fast,” he said.

Under the financial inclusion scheme of the Reserve Bank of India, SBI has been asked to take up responsibilities in 43 of the 156 “under-banked” blocks of the state, besides extending banking facilities to 408 villages having a population of over 2,000 people. Mozumdar said SBI would connect 200 villages by March this year through different banking techniques. “We do not require brick and mortar branches these days to extend banking facilities because technology has made the work easier and SBI is fortunate to have all the modern banking technology,” he said.

Aecon Group Inc. (are) – Financial And Strategic Swot Analysis Review

July, 31, 2014 : Company Profiles and Conferences presents a Company Report on “Aecon Group Inc. (ARE) – Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review”, which helps you formulate strategies that augment your business by enabling you to understand your partners, customers and competitors better.

Aecon Group Inc. (ARE) – Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review provides you an in-depth strategic SWOT analysis of the companys businesses and operations. The profile is bring to you a clear and an unbiased view of the companys key strengths and weaknesses and the potential opportunities and threats. The profile helps you formulate strategies that augment your business by enabling you to understand your partners, customers and competitors better.

The profile contains critical company information including:

Start Forex Signal Service With Metatrader Account Copier

Looking for Forex trading software? Metatrader account copier is the best software to make Forex trading simple. Metatrader account copier is software to assist your routine work related to trading signals. As consistent monitoring is essential in Forex trading, you always need to stick to your computer. But, use of metatrader account copier software can make you free from this because it will copy each trade to your account throughout the day. Another advantage of this software is that it allows copying unlimited accounts from different traders into your single account.

Metatrader account copier can also help the traders in many ways. If you have an investor password, you can copy trades from the investor account into yours. If the investor account is bigger or smaller than yours, you can alter the size or multiplier of the lot. Also, if you have the investor passwords from more than one account from several signal providers, then this software can help you to copy all the traders from the accounts into your account. The trade copier software will also alert you about the changes on the metatrader account without opening the positions.

How to Start Forex Signal Service?

A Review Of The Sovereign Life Wealth Building Program

It’s no secret we are living in very scary times. In a world of ever increasing economic turmoil, failed social programs and a dying middle class, the gap between the rich and the poor continues to grow bigger, all while corporations ship jobs offshore and central banking cartels devalue your purchasing power through currency inflation.

Add that to the disturbing fact that world governments are largely bankrupt with trillions of dollars in debt, forcing higher and higher taxes on their citizens and taking away more and more of your freedoms by tracking your movements, passport restrictions and adding layer upon layer of government financial controls.

You’ve probably began to sense the obvious fact that the “old ways” aren’t working anymore. As more people awaken to this “new world” of heavy handed “big brother” and a police state where the middle class is selectively being wiped out, many people are seeking a way out and financial freedom programs like David MacGregor’s Sovereign Life is one program people are turning to.